Solar Decomposition of CO2 & H2o
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FLT Technology

FLT CSP Technology


Solar Tracking

FLT CSP Technology

A Fresnel Lens Tunnel (FLT) coupled with A Enveloped Linear Fresnel Reflector (ELFR) is the heart of this technology.

Fresnel lenses in the FLT form a 3 dimensional identity and are held along the focal circumference with the required degree of radial movement to vary the focal distance for selective & temperature control.

The ELFR is again a 3 dimensional identity designed using reflectors placed at strategic positions. Each Lens in the FLT, that does not receive Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI), is provided the required DNI by the corresponding reflector forming the ELFR.

The ELFR in unison with the FLT, ‘Track the Sun’, leading to convergence of foci from multiple lenses to a single point.


If the FLT & ELFR are the heart of this technology then , Receivers are the Brains!

Receivers are the Key to any efficient chemical reaction process including CO2/H2O splitting The manufactured 1.125 KW ‘PoC’ i.e. The Demonstrator uses a quartz tube as the receiver. The irradiance enters the receiver through the circumference of the Quartz tube and passes over across to the other side, leading to undesired loss of power/heat . This challenge cannot be over come in The Demonstrator, due to the comparatively small focal distance of the lenses.

The larger 7KW & 50KW apparatuses over come the above mentioned challenges due to large focal distances of 1,200mm & 3 ,500mm. Such distances permit the introduction of large insulated faceted receivers with quartz pane windows to allow the irradiation inside. This Incoming irradiance is blocked by the geometry of the faceted receiver ,and the heat is mostly retained in the receiver and by a suitable ceramic insulation. Drastic reduction of T 4 Losses and substantial enhancement in power/heat retaining capabilities has been envisaged.

No-Cost License for our patented receivers are available to FLT Technology users.

Third Party Receivers

We encourage and welcome interested parties to file their Receiver Patents for integration in the FLT Technology. Improved versions of our own patented receivers are also welcome This should open improved and new landscapes to be explored. Please feel free to contact us AFTER THE PATENT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. We’ll upload a link here for the benefit of the interested.

Apparatus Designed for Research Applications Pursued by Academia and Industry for Economic Viability of Solar Fuels
About Us

High Temperature Solar Technologies (HTST) is a self-funded spinoff of Classic Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd. The 20 yrs experience in requirement analysis for efficient production & process engineering, enabled us to comprehend and understand the challenges and requirements of the Scientific Community pursuing Solar Fuels.

We Conceptualized, Designed and Prototyped a commercial solar apparatus, capable of achieving ultra high temperatures, in controlled environment, considered ‘impractical’ until 2017, in a commercial solar apparatus. We also equipped it with customizable mass transfer. We envisage possible applications for our technology to be pursued by Academia, Research Institutes and Industry.

Technology partnership for high temperature conveying with Mass Systech Pvt Ltd (, EPC partnership with Arya Technoseals Pvt Ltd (, and a consulting partnership with Extrapreneurs India Pvt Ltd ( emboldens our plans for the future.

Solar Thermal Pathways await a ‘breakthrough’ in Economic Viability through Efficiency Enhancement. The FLT Technology addresses some of these major challenges.

We also seek a passionate accelerator to venture with us on this pathway to the future.

Products & Pricing

HTST Empowers Avant-Garde Academia, Research Institutes & Industry for the coming future of Solar Fuels.

This is a Battle for the Future and calls for a ‘Collective Effort’. Furthering this Effort, we also offer Licences & Partnerships in Your Country . The Interested are requested to contact us with a brief introduction, specifying the Country/Countries of interest.

Rating (KW) Product Intended for use by Price (USD) Delivery (Months)
1.125 Demonstrator Science parks, Collectors and Entities inclined to support 115 K 12
7 Workhorse R&D Institutes, Academia and Industry 575 K 18
50 Pilot Distributed CO2/H2O Splitting Plants 1.7 M 18
Larger KW Capacity apparatus to be custom built Customization for Proprietary Process and Circuitary considered

Note : a) Equipment for all power ratings are designed for wind speeds of 50 m/sec.
b) Prices mentioned are ‘Basic Prices’, Excluding Packing, Forwarding, Foundations, Erection & Commissioning Charges.
c) Prices are subject to any correction w/o notice.